Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trip to Ocean Mansion

Over this weekend 10/30/15 to 11/1/1 Jean and I went to her beach house for a little R&R which was good since I was recuperating from my two hernia operations. 

I am now sitting in her mansion.  It is 6700 square feet with so many rooms and bedrooms I can't find my way around without a map.  It tires me out just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen.  My bedroom is down stairs and the kitchen is way up a flight and a half of stairs, but just to get to the stairs I have to walk about a hundred feet.  I wish you could see it. .  It's in Gearhart, Oregon just a few miles from Seaside.  It is a bit rainy today and may be tomorrow, but this place is so big and so much to see that I sure won’t be bored.  I can see the ocean from here, even the TV works so what’s not to like. 

The last time I was here was around 10 years ago.  Some of you may not know, but I was the Realtor who sold this place to my very special friends.  They bought just the land, but had to build a house on it right away, so they built one of the best ones around in this gated community.  I’m very lucky to have such wonderful friends.  Unfortunately, my friend, Jean’s husband Sig died a few years ago.  We all miss him a lot and it seems like when we go to the beach house he seems to be still there.

Today before we got here Jean stopped at the Nike store where she bought $1500 of shoes.  Talk about a shopping spree.  She buys them about once a month when Nike has a big shoe sale then gives them to the poor children all over the world.  She does not get any funding for what she does; it just makes her happy to help others; like me.

A couple our age who plays tennis with Jean, Bill and Barbara, joined us for the weekend.  They were wonderful.  I really liked them.  The three of them went out to the tennis court here on this property and played for about 3 hours.  I stayed here and played on my computer since I don't know which end of the racket to hold.  We all had a good time here. 

Below are some pictures I took with my new tablet that came out pretty poor, very fuzzy.  I really don’t know much about this tablet so I hope I can do better next time.  Maybe you can get some idea of what the inside of the house looks like.

This first picture is the front of the house as if you couldn’t tell.

Below is my friend Sig
Sig who is 6'8" in his very large kitchen, notice how tall the ceiling is compared to Sig
This is just the guest bedroom
Game room with the full sized pool table as the center piece
A poor picture of the wine closet
Upstairs Den
Here's Jean, I caught her putting on her makeup
The pictures don't give any justice to the house, but it's my lousy picture taking, not the huge beautiful house.  I'll try better later.
I hope you enjoyed my little trip.  I know you didn't enjoy it as much as I have being here; sorry about that.  

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